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Web Automation Streamlines Procurement Process.

At a bank holding more than $100 billion in assets, things have to move fast, but carefully. When it needs to order computer networking equipment for a new branch office or to replace an old system, the process can't take weeks.

Likewise, there must be safeguards in place that monitor what equipment is purchased, how much is purchased, and who approved the order in various departments.

That's why in the fall of 2001 this bank hired Westlake-based LOGOS Communications Inc. to create a system that would allow it to automate and expedite this process.

"They were using a couple different disparate systems," explains John Anitas, project manager for LOGOS Communications on the project. "There was some automation, but it didn't all gel together perfectly. It was just a time issue and a maintenance issue of retrieving information, and data, to have accurate information."

Anitas contacted Digibahn to help create the application that would link the systems together, and reduce the time and expense of the procuring and managing this equipment.

"We got Digibahn in very early," Anitas says. "We don't have and are not going build the resources to build these interfaces, so we needed them. We knew conceptually how all the aspects of the project and the order and asset management would happen, but we needed them to take us from A to B, and all the million steps in between." Contact Us for More Information

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