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Subscription Portal Delivers the Latest Device Software for the Process Industry.

Meriam Process Technologies, a division of Scott Fetzer, is the leading designer and manufacturer handheld measurement devices for Original Equipment Manufacturers. These devices, which measure the pressure, flow and level of the equipment, are continuously updated with new software.

The challenge, up until now, has been to deliver the new device-specific software to the end user as soon as the updated files are available.

"If you're in China and you're trying to start up a plant, this is a challenge," says Meriam Technologies General Manager Rick D'Angelo. "It's a real challenge to maintain security, to maintain easily updated files, and to be able to download effectively. Digibahn stepped in and helped us with that technology."

Digibahn designed a Web site which allowed customers worldwide to log-on and download the latest device-specific files, and stabilized the system so it would be secure and consistent.

"They can walk to their office, update it in five minutes, and go back out and get to work," D'Angelo says. "It's a real breakthrough, and a tremendous selling point for us." Contact Us for More Information

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